Two Hearts Torn Dinner Theatre  2018

“Let the church say Amen,” shouted Pastor Spickley from the pulpit. 

As he stood facing the congregation, Sugar braced herself for what he would say next.  She reflected back on his sermon about a year ago when he stood and announced to the congregation, “My wife isn’t fulfilling her wifely duties, and it has been a year since I have had home cooking.”  She’d pondered why her husband would be so inconsiderate of her needs and what she required as a woman and wife.  She remembered how some of the sisters of the congregation came to her after church and scolded her for not cooking for her husband.  “Don’t you know that you are supposed to cook for him and be submissive to him?”  Mother Clary told her with conviction.  The older mothers of the church always had a way of shifting their weight!  Out of respect for Mother Clary’s age, Sugar had made no comments back to her.  Sometimes it really disgusts me how a woman can be so insensitive to another woman when she is down and out, Sugar mused. Yes, it was at that time that things began to shift in the Spickley home.  After that announcement every Sunday the sisters would take turns coming over to prepare a meal for my husband.  As they entered the house they would say that they wanted to make sure the “pastor is taken care of.”  I wonder which sister will be coming today after church.  I certainly hope that it’s not Sister Candy as she always adds a little sugar to the meal.  Candy makes sure that her dress is a bit short just over her knees and she always seems to be a bit clumsy as she drops a spoon or fork which causes her to bend over so gingerly to pick it up. 


Sugar’s attention returned to the sermon as Pastor Spickley was tapping the microphone, “Are we all here?” he stated with agitation… looking directly at Sugar.  He has a condescending way of looking at me… better yet, through me. 

“Today’s message comes from the book of Genesis. Yes, today we are going to have a word from the beginning.  From the beginning of creation, God has loved man and wanted the best for man, he even created woman for him.  Everything was peaceful as they were running around naked in the garden.  Then the woman ate of the fruit that God instructed her not to eat and she gave it to the man and this began the fall of man.  Now, church I wonder what would have happened had the serpent presented the fruit to the virile man?  Would it have been accepted or rejected?  I feel within my heart of hearts it would have been rejected.  The Bible says, the woman is the weaker vessel, so that’s why the serpent tempted her.” 

For the next hour Sugar watched as Pastor Spickley ranted and raved walking across the pulpit and across the altar, and then down the aisle preaching.  She began to turn a deaf ear to this sermon also.  It seems that there is no variety in his style of preaching.  She reflected on a conversation held with her husband. “Honey, don’t you think that your sermons are demeaning to women?”  He looked at me with such disgust and stated, “So, now you are higher than God?  I’m supposed to listen to you, instead of the voice of the Lord?” 

“Well,” I continued, “from my Bible reading God doesn’t always scold the people, he has compassion as well.” 

“Well Sugar, that’s your interpretation and I have mine, and that will be the final word of this conversation,” he’d scolded.


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