Two Hearts Torn...

On this journey called life, Sugar has always prided herself on living with the 'hand that she has been dealt.'  Sugar has discovered the perfect love in an imperfect world. Fernando seems to complete Sugar, to be her soulmate, a man with much compassion and support. 


As beautiful as this love affair is, there are two problems: he is not her husband… and she may be pregnant. The father? That remains to be seen. Will this romance stand the test of time?  Or has Sugar bitten off more than she can chew?  Stanley, Sugar’s husband, who is a pastor, is far from the upstanding citizen of humility that he has portrayed to so many. 


He can do no wrong in his eyes and it is obvious he is better suited for a position with the angels in the heavenly realm.  He expects to have his cake and eat it too. This is evident with the late night business meetings held with special members of his flock.  Further, Stanley is absent from family events involving his wife and children.   Will his life’s journey unfold as he desires or will his reality explode and make it impossible to piece his life together as he once knew it? 

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